The Neighbourhood Where We Play

Railside at The Forks is a new kind of development and a major step in the evolution of The Forks. Railside represents the first ever opportunity for residential development at The Forks, widely recognized as one of the best public spaces in Canada. Remaining true to The Forks' founding vision, this significant mixed-use project will build on the site's abundant cultural and recreational assets, elevating this historic "meeting place" into the city’s most iconic neighbourhood.

The Story So Far

Since the beginning of the renewal of The Forks site in 1989, the former Canadian National Railway (CNR) East Yards have been completely transformed. What was once a desolate and inaccessible industrial site is now Winnipeg’s foremost destination. In early 2013, The Forks Renewal Corporation (FRC) embarked on a comprehensive planning exercise to shape the long-term vision for the Railside lands – comprised of two of the largest surface parking lots in downtown Winnipeg. Totaling nearly 12 acres, these lands have remained unimproved since the initial reclamation of the CNR East Yards, and represent a significant opportunity to effectively complete The Forks.

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Build Something Beautiful

Railside presents an unparalleled opportunity for developers, architects and builders to shape the development of Winnipeg’s most important public space. Bringing together the most innovative approaches in urban design, sustainability and urban development, The Forks Renewal Corporation is striving to create a model urban community. Seamlessly integrated into The Forks, Railside is envisioned as a medium density, mixed-use neighbourhood, with an emphasis on creating great public spaces, putting people first and strengthening connections to the rest of the city. Railside is about building upon what makes The Forks great and striving to make it even better.

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More About The Forks

FRC was incorporated in 1987 by the three levels of government to acquire the former CN east rail yards. Over the last 30 years, FRC has transformed these lands into Winnipeg’s primary destination, attracting more than four million visitors each year. The jewel in the crown of FRC is the ownership of The Forks Market located at The Forks.


More About Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba. Located at the geographical centre of Canada and North America, Winnipeg is known around the world for its friendly and welcoming nature. Winnipeg’s iconic architecture and established neighbourhoods reflect the profound character of an emergent prairie city. Benefiting from a diverse and stable economy, Winnipeg punches well above its weight. With an internationally renowned arts and culture scene that is host to world-class ballet, theatre, visual arts, music and festivals and major draws like the Winnipeg Jets and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the infectious spirit of Winnipeg is hard for citizens, investors and visitors to ignore during this exciting time of growth and development.