The Heart of Winnipeg

Located at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red rivers, The Forks has been a meeting place for over 6,000 years, beginning as a trading location and campsite for early Indigenous peoples. Over the centuries, The Forks has been a hub of activity for European fur traders, Metis buffalo hunters, Scottish settlers, riverboat workers, railway pioneers, and tens of thousands of immigrants. 

Winnipeg's Living Room

Today, The Forks houses The Forks Market, The Children’s Museum, Manitoba Theatre for Young People, and The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the first national museum outside Canada’s capitol region. Marquee programming, like the internationally acclaimed annual Warming Hut design competition, is enhanced by the site’s varied landscape. It includes a world-class skateboard and BMX park, tall-grass prairie preserve, varied public art and the longest river trail in the world. With over 270 events per year, The Forks attracts more than four million visitors annually.

A Community Process

Citizen and stakeholder input has been central to Railside’s planning process to date. It has informed the development vision, the guiding principles and the big ideas that will shape the development of Railside for decades to come. FRC is committed to ensuring a high degree of transparency and engaging the public in a meaningful way as plans for the subject lands continue to evolve.

Consultations, Phase One

In the Spring of 2013, FRC launched a project website ( to provide information and solicit feedback on an ongoing basis. Early consultation included surveys, an initial round of interviews with key community stakeholders, and two facilitated workshops which sought input into the public space components of the plan and potential mix of uses.

Phase 1 Consultation Report

Consultations, Phase Two

Hundreds attended a series of Open Houses at The Forks Market to present and collect feedback on the preliminary concept plans for the Railside and Parcel 4 lands in July of 2014, and in autumn of that year, FRC partnered with StorefrontMB to hold a series of focus groups with representatives from Winnipeg’s professional design community.

Phase 2 Consultation Report

Consultations, Phase Three

A series of Open Houses were held in the summer of 2015 to provide an update on the plan’s progression and seek feedback on the big ideas, and FRC hosted a series of targeted stakeholder meetings through late 2015 and early 2016 to ensure that all key stakeholders were informed about the evolving development strategy and anticipated next steps in the process.

Phase 3 Consultation Report

Railside at The Forks Concept Plan

The Railside at The Forks Concept Plan articulates the long-term vision, core principles and sustainability blueprint that will guide the development of the Railside lands over the next twenty years. All aspects of the Concept Plan are based on feedback from three successful phases of community consultation and collaborative input from the Forks Renewal Corporation’s (FRC) Federal, Provincial and Municipal shareholders.

Citizen and stakeholder input has been central to the Railside planning process. FRC is committed to ongoing public engagement as plans for Railside at The Forks advance.

Concept Plan Summary

Looking for the longer-form, technical concept plan? Download it here.

More About The Forks

FRC was incorporated in 1987 by the three levels of government to acquire the former CN east rail yards. Over the last 30 years, FRC has transformed these lands into Winnipeg’s primary destination, attracting more than four million visitors each year. The jewel in the crown of FRC is the ownership of The Forks Market located at The Forks.


More About Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba. Located at the geographical centre of Canada and North America, Winnipeg is known around the world for its friendly and welcoming nature. Winnipeg’s iconic architecture and established neighbourhoods reflect the profound character of an emergent prairie city. Benefiting from a diverse and stable economy, Winnipeg punches well above its weight. With an internationally renowned arts and culture scene that is host to world-class ballet, theatre, visual arts, music and festivals and major draws like the Winnipeg Jets and the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, the infectious spirit of Winnipeg is hard for citizens, investors and visitors to ignore during this exciting time of growth and development.