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A neighbourhood with sustainability at its core.

The Forks site, including Railside, operates with Target Zero in mind: working towards zero garbage, zero waste, and zero carbon emissions wherever feasible.

With the development of Railside, this focus on sustainability that has guided The Forks operations for over 10 years will be built into the development itself – physically and in its ethos.


Making the most of its central location, Railside invites Winnipeggers to consider a variety of transportation alternatives. The project’s design and architecture prioritize the experience of pedestrians, supporting active transportation and healthy lifestyles. As a popular year-round space, The Forks encourages active commuting and transportation, from bike lanes to skating trails.

We always have a great time at The Forks. There are lots of things to do, from the market to the parks. Great place for a walk, run, or biking.

Mike Schnekenburger, Google Review
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The alleyway and courtyard system that will encompass Railside is intended to put pedestrians first. Being centrally located makes Railside a walkable community — with paths through The Forks, to downtown, and over the rivers in all directions.
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Railside is deliberately designed to take advantage of the future Eastern Corridor of the Rapid Transit Network. Union Station is a gateway into The Forks and as a potential Rapid Transit Hub, it will be a pivotal connector between Railside and the rest of the city.
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The design of all streets and alleys within Railside prioritizes the safety and comfort of pedestrians and cyclists and includes shared streets with low vehicle speeds. The Forks is also investing in a cycletrack, building on-site bike parking/storage units, and self-serve bike repair stations.
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Car Sharing

Railside at The Forks has partnered with Peg City Car Co-op to offer residents, visitors, and business operators access to shared vehicles. Specifically, there will be five Peg City Car Co-op vehicles that have fixed locations within the Railside development.

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