The Forks North Portage Partnership

The Forks North Portage Partnership, a key stakeholder in the development of the downtown, is responsible for the ownership, management and continuing renewal of The Forks and North Portage sites.

The Railside lands are under the management of The Forks North Portage Partnership. Part of the objective is to help redevelop the former CN East Yards area through a combination of investments by The Forks North Portage, the private sector, institutions, and governments. The Partnership is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors.

The Forks Mandate

The Forks shall be developed as a “Meeting Place,” a special and distinct all-season gathering and recreational place at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, through a mixed-use approach including recreational, historical, cultural, residential, and institutional and supportive commercial uses.

The business of the Partnership is to provide as many reasons as possible for people “to live, work, and play in the downtown.” As more people choose downtown living, more services and entertainment will be developed to serve them. The vitality of The Forks is the result of a diverse mix of facilities and activities that reinforce one another, all bringing people into the heart of the city.

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Aerial view of The Forksconcert at The Forks

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The Forks Foundation

Since 2004, The Forks Foundation has raised over $4 million. Those funds have supported art installations and enabled community-driven programming at The Forks and throughout the downtown. The Foundation’s efforts help ensure The Forks and other downtown public spaces remain vibrant meeting places for generations to come. These places, the art installations, and the programming have all become vital parts of our city and community.

The Foundation has supported projects such as The Plaza at The Forks (featuring the skatepark), the Nestaweya River Trail, and Niizhoziibean, previously known as South Point.

Check back to learn about ways you can support new initiatives and programs, and for more information about The Forks Foundation.

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