A Winning Formula.

The overall goal for the Railside development is to create a diverse and welcoming place that builds on and enhances The Forks. This 20-year project promises more of the great experiences that make The Forks one of the top tourism spots in Canada. From sights, sounds, and flavours to shopping, art, and green spaces — visitors to Railside and The Forks will have an even broader array of things to try and experience.

Through years of consultation with community stakeholders, six Guiding Principles have evolved and now guide the strategic direction of the project. Each of these principles has been thoroughly considered to serve The Forks’ central mission:

The Forks shall be developed as a “Meeting Place,” a special and distinct all-season gathering and recreational place at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, through a mixed-use approach including recreational, historical and cultural, residential, and institutional and supportive commercial uses.

Guiding ~ Principles

Railside is designed to be a model urban community that seamlessly integrates into The Forks site.

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  1. Ensure accessibility to the public at large, future residents, entrepreneurs, and businesses, and a diversity of development interests.
  2. Encourage a mix of uses, including high-quality public spaces; retail, commercial, live/work, condominium, co-op, and rental residential.
  3. Implement a green approach to development and operations, based on The Forks’ Target Zero initiative.
  4. Design for Winnipeg’s four seasons – including buildings that are highly energy efficient and public spaces that are comfortable in all weather conditions.
  5. Demonstrate innovation and design excellence in all areas of the Railside development, including architecture, urban design, sustainability, brownfield redevelopment, and public/private collaboration.
  6. Strengthen connections to the city – create and enhance physical linkages into The Forks for all transportation modes.

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Public Spaces

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Green & Sustainable

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Honouring the land

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