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With more than 30,000 square feet of new community and commercial space, visitors will enjoy more of what makes The Forks a great destination. Imagine more green spaces, more places to spend time, and something creative around every corner. Public art will be integrated throughout the development to enhance the character of the neighbourhood.

Recognizing that Winnipeg is a hotbed of artistic creativity, Railside’s public art program will emphasize and promote work by well-known and emerging Manitoba artists.

Railside is being thoughtfully laid out, to provide not only attractive public spaces but also walkways that seamlessly connect The Forks to the downtown. Active spaces will be purposefully integrated throughout the development, encouraging people to move, play, and interact with their physical surroundings, including walking and cycling pathways, playscapes, and sport courts.

Railside will also have places to gather. From café-style seating in courtyards to park benches, to open areas where you can play and be.

The Forks has been a meeting place for more than 6,000 years, and Railside will continue to provide people with places to be together.

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Item - More of The Forks

More of The Forks

Railside has been envisioned as a seamless extension of The Forks — explore our map for a bird’s eye view.
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Item - Green & Sustainable

Green & Sustainable

Benefiting from The Forks’ growing efforts, Railside will aim to achieve sustainability on a neighbourhood scale.
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Item - Honouring the land

Honouring the land

Managing and protecting heritage resources on the Railside site is critical.
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