Community in Common.

Citizen and stakeholder input has been central to Railside’s planning process. It has informed the vision, the guiding principles, and the big ideas that will continue to shape the 20-year development of Railside. We are committed to engaging the public in meaningful ways as plans continue to evolve.

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Initial Consultations, Phase 1

From May to October 2013, The Forks Renewal Corporation launched a project website to solicit feedback on the proposed Railside development. Consultations in this initial phase included interviews with key stakeholders and two facilitated workshops, all of which sought input into the public space components of the plan.

Open Houses and Focus Groups, Phase 2

In July 2014, hundreds of interested individuals attended a series of open houses at The Forks Market, where The Forks presented concepts and gathered feedback. In the fall of the same year, Forks Renewal Corporation partnered with StorefrontMB to hold a series of focus groups with representatives from Winnipeg’s professional design community.

Open House Consultations, Phase 3

Another series of open houses were held in the summer of 2015. Updates were provided on the plan’s progression and feedback was gathered on the big ideas. Additional targeted stakeholder meetings were held throughout late 2015 and early 2016 to ensure that all key stakeholders were informed about the evolving development strategy and anticipated next steps.

Concept Plan and Archaeological Work

In the summer of 2017, the Railside at The Forks Concept Plan was finalized and it was approved by the Winnipeg City Council in December of that same year. Additionally, in October 2017, InterGroup Consultants did a first phase of archaeological discovery work on the Railside lands.

Archaeological Work, Phase 2

In the spring of 2018, InterGroup Consultants returned to continue the pre-development heritage survey of the development site. Both the 2017 and 2018 surveys recommended that further monitoring be done during the construction and development of Railside — work that will be further carried out by InterGroup.


Integral work has taken place throughout 2019–2023: work began on the geothermal district system that will heat and cool all the buildings; underground serving work was completed; legal work was done, including alignment of roll numbers; and plans for the subdivision are continuing.

Get Set

Integral planning and design work has taken place throughout 2023 to secure initial development approvals, finalize agreements with our development and building partners, and install underground infrastructure.


Construction work will begin on Phase 1 of the development in 2024. This phase includes 10 buildings, two courtyards, alleyways, and high-quality public spaces.

What the future holds

After Phase 1 is complete, the project will transition to focus on Phase 2, with more of The Forks and more of Railside planned and developed.